Study – Mileage is one of most significant elements for brain Trauma in Boxing

In the most recent short article addressing injury issues in combative sports, a study was published last month in the Journal of Neurotrauma studying cognitive impairment from boxing. The study, titled Chronic effects of Boxing: DTI and Cognitive Findings, used Magnetic […]

Sports lawyer Nancy Hogshead-Makar selected as an Independent director to the USA Badminton Board of Directors

USA Badminton has announced that sports lawyer and Olympian Camiseta Bayer 04 Leverkusen Nancy Hogshead-Makar has joined the USA Badminton Board of Directors as an Independent Director. Hogshead-Makar will meet USA Badminton’s need for expertise in SafeSport, Title IX, and […]

Bodybuilder Victor Martinez Unfairly Targeted by Steroid Witch-Hunt

Bodybuilder Victor Martinez Unfairly Targeted by Steroid Witch-Hunt by Millard Baker IFBB pro bodybuilder Victor Martinez was unfairly subjected to a “witch hunt” by an inaccurate short article appearing in the new York everyday News. sports writer Christian Red inaccurately […]

Spar Smart! – study shows long term brain Dysfunction a lot more related to intensity of Sparring Than frequency of Knockouts

conventional wisdom has long held that hits resulting in loss of consciousness were the primary aspect in long term cognitive dysfunction in athletes.  New research continues to shed light on this assumption and it is Camiseta PSV Eindhoven becoming clearer that while […]

Can you isolate the pecs with the dumbbell press? Not really…

numerous bodybuilders regard the dumbbell press as an isolation exercise which they can utilize particularly to train their pectorals Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Gales as well as to deactivate other muscle mass groups that are needed for other breast […]

Power institutions take part in LEAD1’s 2022 Collegiate sports summit

By Bart Lambergman of LEAD1 The LEAD1 association (“LEAD1”), which represents the athletics directors of the 130-member institutions of the Football bowl Subdivision (“FBS”), held Camiseta Gremio the 2022 Collegiate sports Summit, a two-day academic symposium, in conjunction with the […]

Barbell press vs. Dumbbell press

by Sean Nalewanyj Which Is remarkable For breast Gains? If you’re seeking to add as much raw size to your breast in the most effective method possible, there’s no concern that heavy presses are the method to go. Flye motions […]

Sports legislation professor Ellen Zavian composes about NCAA’s ‘Missed Opportunity’ When It comes to Esports

Ellen Zavian, an adjunct sports legislation professor at the George Washington university institution of Law, composed an fascinating article last week for the Washington publish about exactly how “the NCAA whiffed on esports.” Zavian, a regular contributor to the newspaper, […]

Calf Specialization for tall guys

by Chris Marzarella My calves suck. I will always view them that way. I’m 6’2” with exceptionally long tibias, giving me a terrific disadvantage for possessing XL bulls. Arnold had the same issue, along with many bodybuilders over 6 feet, […]

Channel Your mental Power into A force Of Muscular Conquest!

have you ever had a workout where you were so feverishly driven and compelled, you felt you could, metaphorically, “burn a hole through steel”? Where the weights you used all workout long felt “light” in your hands; as if the […]